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V.M.Ramalingam (Ram), a masters graduate with specialization in management and finance from Madras University (1964), has 36 years of managerial experience in organizations covering the fields of Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing and HRD. He has specialized in psychological instruments, particularly with MBTI and FIRO-B for more than two decades. Ram is a human process facilitator, coach, assessor and trainer. He is certified in “Appreciative Inquiry” by National Training Laboratories (NTL) Institute of Applied Behavioral Science, USA and applies the methodology in his professional practice of O.D (Organization development). He is a Member of International OD Association (IODA). He runs an organization called, “Vruddhi Coaching and Consulting” at Bangalore.


A Professional member of Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS), formerly the national Secretary, Ram is a qualified behavioural scientist and a facilitator of Human Process Laboratories (T-Groups). Formerly, he was a Dean (Professional development) and the Secretary of ISABS. He is trained for HRD Facilitation, O.D. interventions, Coaching and Assessment (Development) Centre in organisations. Ram is certified by “6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, USA” as a trainer and coach in emotional Intelligence (EQ Coach). He has gone through the Residential Advanced Programme of “Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd, UK. He is experienced for over two decades in administering and interpreting psychological instruments and a member of IOAC (Individual and Organisation Assessment Centre) Forum. He is a Charter Governing Member of Bion Institute that is dedicated to the application of Tavistock methodology with global orientation from India.
Ram has exposure to experiential learning methodologies based on Gestalt Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Dream work, Coaching, Counseling, Moderation Method, Institution Development and Organisation Sensing (ID & OS) methodology, Large Scale Interactive Processes (LSIP), Transactional Analysis (TA), and Outward Bound Learning which are supportive of his Human Process Facilitation role. He is a certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), NLP-Ericksonian Coach; also certified Trainer for certifications of NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner by ANLP, India. He uses NLP for interventions of Personal Growth, Role Effectiveness, Leadership development, Healing, Sales and Effective Communication.
Ram has qualified for MBTI in the programme with M/s. Otto Kroeger Associates in USA and he is licenced by Consulting Psychologists Press (USA) , the owners of the intellectual property rights for MBTI and FIRO-B.  He has also completed programme on MBTI Step-II with Dr.Jean Kummerow & Dr.Naomi Quenk of Association of Psychological Type (APT) and ‘Advanced Application of MBTI’ with Linda Kirby (APT). He holds Charter Certification in “MBTI”(The first batch of certification after going through Qualifying Programmes).  He is qualified from NTL on Whole System Change (Dr.Mary Eggars of Danmiller Associates / Dr.Lawrence Lippit), Appreciative Inquiry (Dr.Bernard Mohr & Dr.Cathy Royal) and Management Working Conference (Dr.Roger M.Ritvo & Dr.Munoz Marya).   He is also trained in Enneagram (Dr.Tom Flautt), FIRO-B (Dr.Eugene Schnell), Element-B (Dr.Dick Thompson).  He was a co-facilitator of human process lab / Management Working Conference at NTL Institute, Bethel, USA during the summer of 2001. He has participated in the programs of the prestigious Cape Cod Institute in USA facilitated by Dr.Edgar Schein (OD – Process Consultation), Dr. Margaret Wheatley and Dannemiller Associates (Coaching for wholeness) during the summer of 2004.
He, along with colleagues has conducted OD programs for organizations and facilitating MBTI based workshops, Outward Bound Learning (OBL) and programmes on Organisation Values/Vision/Mission, Appreciative Inquiry for OD and Institution Building, Strategy workshops, Creativity, Coaching, Negotiating Skills, Performance Appraisal, Assessment Centres, Team Building and Leadership for reputed Organisations, Multinationals, Banks, Non-Government Organisations and Educational Institutions. He has been associated with OD interventions in corporate and social development sector. He is a visiting Faculty for MBA in Management schools, and Tata Management Training Centre (TMTC), Pune. His interest is in the field of Human Process facilitation for Leadership development, Role effectiveness and whole System Change viz; small / large System Change anchored in applied behavioral science. He is a HRD consultant for TVS Motor Company and its group companies for more than 15 years.


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